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Acrylic Grout- ARCAL POLY FIX
ARCAL Poly fix is a two component grout consisting of 1 part of high strength mineral compounds and other of acrylic polymers with additives. Its unique formulation gives it a high early strength and water proofing properties making it suitable for basement, tunnels and other areas where waterproof grouting is required. BENEFITS: • High strength and waterproofing properties. • Enhanced workability, gives more time for application. • No Expansion / shrinkage ensuring reliability. • Forms a crack free surface which can be painted. APPLICATIONS: • Most Suitable for grouting of areas where waterproofing is required like dams, tunnels , water reservoirs. • Application areas where injection grouting is required. TECHNICAL DATA: Appearance : 1 part containing free flowing powder & 2 part containing milky white liquid Pot life : 50-60 min. STORAGE Keep away from moisture, heat and sunlight. Shelf Life of 12 month in original un-opened packing. DIRECTION OF USE: Mix three parts of component 1 with one part of component 2 to form a homogeneous paste and apply with a trowel or grouting machine. Can be applied with injection grouting machine. After application, leave for 24 hr for setting time and after 24 hr of application, spray little bit of water as a curing and leave it for further 5-6 hr to get good result. PACKING: 1 Box containing 3 packs of component one with each 5 kg and 1 pack (5 kg) of liquid component 2/ First pack of component of 15 kg and second pack of container of 5 kg.
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