Young Picasso (A Community School Of Fine Art )
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Established in 2012

Young Picasso was established in the year 2012 AD with objective of training, teaching and educating the young generation about art focusing on painting, sculptor and music. It’s very important that the young generation understand the rich art heritage of the nation. They should not only learn art but also understand the rich history and its significance to enrich life. This is the main reason why Young Picasso was established. Its aim is to discover the young hidden talents and offer them opportunity to learn art not just as a hobby but a very lucrative means of livelihood. In its very short history Young Picasso has achieved a lot in not only training and teaching the young talents but also spreading and propagating the importance of art, not only for commercial purpose but to rediscover the lost heritage, preserve them and develop them in a new dimension. For such purposes Young Picasso organizes various seminars, workshops and training programs in which expert artists of the nation, art critics and historians are invited to interact, discuss, present papers, publish articles so that the young generation are acquainted with their rich heritage. With such programs they not only understand the rich heritage of the nation but also understand the true value and meaning of art so they can create their own art that is more meaningful and rich in very dimension. Managing Diretor/ Artist Ajaya Deshar

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Young Picasso (A Community School Of Fine Art )

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