UIE Beauty Home And Academy
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Established in 2009

UIE Beauty Home And Academy is located at new baneshwor. we have established ourseslves within the local area specializing in facial, body care and hair care. we also provide beauty course and training in three different package basic, advance and special course. for complete care only external beauty is not sufficient, internal beauty is equally important so we believe in our slogan for beauty i.e. "Ahar ,Vihar ,Achar ,Vichar " for complete health and beauty. Ahar (food and wellness) is about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, how much to eat and what not to eat. Vihar (recreation and wellness) comprises of three components – relaxation, recreation, and relationships. Achar (routines and patterns) is about how to set and follow routines to improve your lifestyle. Vichar (positive thought patterns) is to be in a conductive frame of mind. Come to us and experience a complete wellness and beauty care. and if you are searching for specific skin care diagnosis and treatment please visit our sister organization, Korean skin care center. Thank you

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UIE Beauty Home And Academy

New Baneshwor
Gatthaghar Bhaktapur

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